What is the possibility of a non biological father getting custody? Posted on July 09, 2011

I was wanting some information if I may have any rights to full custody of my son. I was just informed that i may not be the father at my divorcing hearing my soon to be ex made this statement do to the fact she was loosing custody and nothing went her way . If my son is not mine biologically I still want custody he is mine no matter what I have been there since birth and I signed the birth cert. He is now 2 and he has been with me for the past 7 mnths since she pulled a knife on me she has terroristic threat charge against her and she also has health issues and she has not provided for him in any way what so ever. she does not have a job and lives on my uncles property and can not make rent if it was not for my uncle she would be homeless. As you can see it is in the best interest for my son to be with me all this information is on paper in court. Please tell me I have a fighting chance.

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