What is my son facing over an aggravated assault and robbery case? 1 Answers as of February 15, 2011

My son was arrested for allegedly robbing 3 women in their apartment at gun point with another person in another town. What is he looking for aggravated assault on another and robbery? We are in Kansas.

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This is not an easy question to answer. In Kansas since 1997, defendants are sentenced from a grid system whereby the person's criminal history is charted along with the specific severity level of the crime of conviction to produce a position in the grid box which gives the court a minimum - normal - and maximum sentence for the crime. If there are several crimes, then the total sentence can be either concurrent or consecutive to each crime. So you see the time a person faces is dependent on a variety of factors specific to him. You would need to know his criminal history (what crimes he was convicted of) and the specific charge he faces or is convicted of. An attorney representing him would be able to estimate the possible time involved.
Answer Applies to: Kansas
Replied: 2/15/2011
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