What is the most easy and inexpensive way to file for my wife green card? 2 Answers as of October 01, 2017

I am 63 years, served in the army for 14 years and I am on disability. I just got married to my beautiful wife. She is 49 from Trinidad. I want to file for her green card or permanent status in the US.

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Frazier, Soloway & Poorak, P.C.
Frazier, Soloway & Poorak, P.C. | David Nabow Soloway
Significantly more information is needed in order to provide a legal analysis of the most appropriate, swiftest and least expensive way for your wife to become a Lawful Permanent Resident (to get a "Green Card"). This includes, for example, information about your own immigration status (Are you a U.S. citizen? Are you a Permanent Resident? Do you have some other status?); information about your wife (Is she now in the U.S.? How and when did she enter the U.S.? What is her current immigration status? What immigration-related applications ever before may have been filed by or for her?); Etc. There really is no substitute for you and your wife to consult with an immigration attorney who, after learning all of the relevant information, could advise about eligibilities, options and strategies to attain your goals, and who then could offer legal representation in the often complex application process.
Answer Applies to: Georgia
Replied: 10/1/2017
The Law Office of David L. Leon
The Law Office of David L. Leon | David L. Leon
You didn't mention where your wife is presently located. Is she in the USA? How did she get here? Is she still abroad? I'd also need to know both her and your past martial history, whether she has children, etc.
Answer Applies to: Texas
Replied: 10/1/2017
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