What happens when a verbal contract is broken? Posted on June 11, 2011

A year ago my husband fell on hard times and we were about to loose our ranch and everything in there. His brother-in-law's brother helped us out and took over the payments on the ranch, house, tractor and horse trailer. He wouldnt take over the truck payment but agreed to buy another truck and we could use that. We were going to still live at the ranch for free as long as we lived. All this was verbal. He paid off the debts and some weeks later he sent us a letter telling us we had to sign a contract. In the contract it stated that if one of us dies or seperates or divorces the other then the other person would have 30 days to vacate the premises. We were not allowed to leave the place for more than 8 days or it would be classed as abandonment and we would be evicted. And a lot of other stuff.

We didn't sign this at the time as I thought it was unfair and it wasn't what we agreed on. He sent another letter a few weeks later telling us that he was going to sell the horse trailer and truck and lease out the barn and land if we didn't sign the agreement. So reluctantly we had to sign or loose everything.

Now 12 months later he has told us that he is selling the horse trailer. By the we have put in $30,000 into this trailer prior his takeover. He won't give us time to find the money and has told us that the first person to come up with the money will have it. This man does not need the money as he has plenty. My husband is in a paying job now but doesn't make a lot of money. We are living here rent free. What I want to know is this legal for him to do this? We also think that once the trailer has been sol he is going to sell the truck next and slowly go through the whole lot until there's nothing left.

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