What happens when a 15 year old gets a DUI charge? Posted on July 25, 2011

In February my daughter got in a car accident while she was under the influence. At the time she was living with her Grandmother. I recently moved to Texas and she is now living with me. The night of the accident there were 2 other people in the car, one the same age of 15, and the other was probably 18-20. They were both males. After the accident they were all sent to the hospital and no one was sent to jail, and nothing was charged. A few weeks ago an investigator called my daughter and said that he needed to talk to her about the accident. At the moment she is with me in Minnesota helping me move my apartment, but when we get back we have to meet with him. Should we hire an attorney? Also, her and her younger sister are both going to be in extracurricular activities in school and she would need to drive them, due to the fact that I cannot because I have gout in my right foot. So if she is charged with anything, could we make a deal where she is still allowed to drive? Notes: The car that was wrecked was the 18-20 year old's parents car. They were in Hawaii at the time. She did not have her license at the time, we were planning on getting her a hardship license to get her and her sister to school. The insurance has already been taken care of. What can, and should we do?

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