What happens to someone in a hit and run? Posted on May 26, 2011

This incident occurred in Virginia. CAR 1 scratches CAR 2 while parked. The damage is not devastating but is notable. There is no one in CAR 2 so there are no injuries to anyone concerned but the driver of CAR 1 panics and leaves the scene without leaving any information. The driver of CAR 1 is a new driver (but over 18) but does not own the car. The owner of CAR 1 has fully insured the car but the driver has no insurance of his or her own. 1) What happens to the driver of CAR 1 if there are witnesses to the incident? As in, what charges will they face? 2) The driver of CAR 1 noted the license plate number of CAR 2. Leaving aside issues of conscience, should the driver of CAR 1 call the state police to turn him or herself in or at this point is it better to let sleeping dogs lie? 3) If the driver of CAR 1 turns themselves within 24 hours is the punishment lessened, in fact does the time frame make any difference at all? Thank you.

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