What happens on a first time petty larceny offense for stealing a bra for a total cost of $8.94? 2 Answers as of July 13, 2016

The incident happened at a store. No prior arrest at all but the security team at the store told the PD they see me in there all the time. That is not true. I've never been in trouble before. I'm a good person, mother to a disabled child, had my job for 11 years and a college graduate.

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Walpole Law | Robert J. Walpole
This should be a wake-up call as you will receive a proverbial slap on the wrist. But that may require theft prevention course, community service, and probably a small fine and court costs. Good luck.
Answer Applies to: Oklahoma
Replied: 7/13/2016
Kevin H Pate
Kevin H Pate | Kevin H Pate
Muni court or district court? What community or county? Treatment varies from court to court, but in gneeral terms, first time offenders do not do time.
Answer Applies to: Oklahoma
Replied: 7/12/2016
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