What happens if I was pulled over with a suspended license but bring a reinstated one to court? 2 Answers as of March 02, 2012

I was pulled over one night for having an expired inspection sticker, the cop told me I had a suspended license I was rather confused, explained to him how I paid the only ticket I ever got. He told me it says in the system it was unpaid. He let me go and said go to the DMV, and have a reinstated one for court and it'll be okay. I got the DMV straightened out and my license was reinstated. I'm aware driving with a suspended license is a very serious offense, is what the cop told me true though? I'm 20 and have never been to court or have any criminal history? This is just a parking citation so I'm a little nervous.

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In Massachusetts if you are issued a citation for operating after suspension you can fill out the back of the citation and request a hearing before a clerk magistrate. The hearing determines whether or not a criminal complaint will issue against you. If you stop the complaint from issuing, you will have no criminal record. The fact that you did with the police officer told you to do, namely, getting your license reinstated immediately, will likely result in no complaint issuing by the clerk magistrate. To ensure that this takes place hiring counsel will be helpful. If you are without counsel, a parent figure at the hearing would be helpful.
Answer Applies to: Massachusetts
Replied: 3/2/2012
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