What happens if I recieve a subpeona but will leave the state before the court date? Posted on April 26, 2011

I got a subpoena the other day. I immediately called the lawyer who gave it to me and informed him that I am moving out of state before the court date and there is no way with me being unemployed I will be able to fly up for the court date. The incident this is regarding is a civil matter which happened while I was working and was the one who spoke with the claimant since I was a security supervisor. This incident happened almost 5 years ago. Since then, just last may I have returned from Iraq and been dealing with a multitude of psychological issues. Having to deal with this now on top of everything else is just making things worse for me. In January I met with all the lawyers and gave statements and answered questions on what little bit I could recall, and since then for me psychologically in my everyday life things have really gotten much more intense. I don't see this court thing as being practical with my state of mind and moving as well. What can be done about this seeing as I wont even be around during the date? Will I be in trouble if I do not show. Should I get a letter from my doctors stating that I am being seeing for several mental health issues?

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