What happens if I open a business account with an illegal immigrant? Posted on August 04, 2011

I'm a citizen. I would like to start a business with a person, but I'm not sure if he can be part of a DBA with me. He is 23 years old Mexican and He is been here (USA) for 8 years illegally, now he got married 3 years ago with an American, and they filed a wife's petition but still pending. He also has 2 children with a previous relation here in USA and one baby with his wife now. He said he need to complete his process in some point going to Juarez and wait there. Can he come with me and get a DBA and start a remodeling business or he needs to wait to be totally legal? I do not know if they can reject him from the INS system , but he is a excellent worker and he needs to have a job? Am I going to get in any trouble? Also he is going to get an insurance for the business, it is all this legal?As today I went an have the DBA and business account but he dos not have social or id. I did it today, am i going to get in trouble?

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