What happens if I missed court on my DUI and it is not on my record? Posted on July 02, 2011

October 29th 2009 I was arrested for a DUI and that was the only charge and I lived in a different county and they suspended my license. I missed the first court date because I didn’t have a ride and I made it to my next court date and I moved to St Louis and missed my pretrial and never went back. I wanted to put this behind me since things are looking up and get my license back and I cannot find it on my record anywhere. I even got pulled over and was not notified or arrested for a failure to appear warrant. I called an insurance company and they said it is not on my record too. It is like it all disappeared and I forgot to pay a 75 dollar speeding ticket and I think that is why my license is suspended. (Why does this DUI charge not show up on my driving record?

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