What happens before and during a trial on self-defense? Posted on August 02, 2011

I'm trying write a book and I need some information on how the trail would take place from an experienced paralegal, I want this book to be as realistic as possible so I need to know how the trial would take place given a specific scenario. Here's what happens in the story: the main character and his girlfriend are attacked by the main character's enemy. The attacker and his friends assault the main character and try to rape his girlfriend, but he defeats them with an illegal hand-crafted melee weapon. The attacker and his friends survive, but they are nearly killed and their injuries are far too extreme and gruesome to be considered self-defense. The weapon is left behind, and while the main character and his girlfriend are at the hospital, the attacker shows up with the gun and shoots the main character (but of course he survives). The attacker then tries to sue the main character and blame him for the attack, or at least drag him to jail with him for aggravated assault in place of self-defense. Here are my questions regarding the situation: Since both characters were hospitalized and face similar charges, would they be under protective custody (armed guards watching them, handcuffed to the hospital bed, etc)? Between their release from the hospital and the trial, how closely would they be monitored (house-arrest, tracker bracelets, still held in protective custody/jail outside of their home, unable to go to school, etc)? I know this is really complicated, but I really need some help for my book. If there is any other information you could give me, it would be really appreciated.

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