What is the fair amount of pain and suffering in a motorcycle accident? 1 Answers as of April 04, 2017

A child on a bicycle cut across in front of me on a 50 mph rural road. I swerved at the last minute and instead of hitting his body, I hit his rear tire. I lost control of my motorcycle. Police report, child, and witness statements put him 100% at fault. Home owners insurance is covering losses. I was transported to hospital via ambulance and was hospitalized for 3 days. My injuries included 2 broken ribs, 5 hematomas including in right lung and right hip, major bruising, scarring, and bursitis in right hip. I have had 4 injections in the hip so far. I have a doctor’s letter stating permanent partial disability and expectation for ongoing treatment in the form of injections, massage therapy, and physical therapy. I am ready to begin negotiating my claim and would like to know what a fair price for pain and suffering is. Medical expenses so far are $43,000, lost wages $11,000, additional expenses are $3,500, my bike was totaled at $7,500, with additional gear and rental at $3,500.

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You need to retain a personal injury attorney. This case is to complex for you to handle on your own. It is very likely that your demand will exceed their policy limits and you will need to sue to get the remainder. In addition, one does not get into settlement discussions when there is still ongoing medical treatment. Once you settle, any future medical needs will be your responsibility to pay. Good luck.
Answer Applies to: Washington
Replied: 4/4/2017
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