What fact checking will occur during a removal proceeding? Posted on March 03, 2011

A person that is here illegally for more than 15 years. Has used a SSN that was not valid for a Driver license or to work, however, has successfully had both for all these years. This person has had a few DUI’s and been in jail for overnight stays a couple of times. This last time when arrested for a warrant, they found to be an illegal and instead of doing his 30 days sentenced by the judge for the warrant got handed over to INS, to which was given a bunch of extensions to get a lawyer. More than a year later, is still here, did not have to serve 30 days for the warrant, and plans to say their parents will suffer if they leave. However, this parent has other legal citizen children here that can take care of them. Will the court/judge even check this fact and truth? I hear they don't.

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