What employee rights do I have in California? Posted on March 10, 2011

I have worked for my company for almost five years and never had a problem. Recently I was transferred to a position with a very difficult boss. I constantly had to undergo reviews where I was improving but not enough any little misstep I had I got a talking too. At first it began because I could not stay late due to having to pick my son up from daycare or taking a few days off here and there because the daycare was closed. The really didn’t like this fact and most problems they had with me were due to me having a son. I feel as if I’m walking on eggshells at all times and if any little things happens or mistake gets made I will lose my job. Finally I got a very good review but a week after my car broke down which caused me to be tardy and then missed a few days because the mechanic had it. After that I got a write-up and they noted that I had not improved due to a review in the beginning of January but I just had a review a week prior saying how good I was doing. They asked HR to look at my records to try and find a pattern in my work habits but the HR Supervisor could not. After my car breaking down, I been showing up to work on time and doing everything I’m told. Recently my co-worker pulled me aside and told me my boss asked everyone in the office to “watch me” now I feel very uncomfortable working and I’m afraid to file a complaint for fear of getting fired.

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