What does my sister need to do to stop the harrassment of false charges? Posted on May 24, 2011

My sister is going through an ugly divorce against a mentally abusive man who, himself, has been in prison on dui charges many years ago. He has constantly filed charges and expartees against her for assault, only to break the expartees against her every time. She made a mistake and tried to come up with money so she could leave this man and stole some jewelry from her friend. She made a deal with the court to pay back all the money, but since then the court system seems to favor the husband on everything. It was her first offense for anything. But the courts favored the husband in the child custody case, giving him the house, the truck, and custody of their daughter (13). He told the courts she had a gambling problem, drug problem, etc. My sister had none of this, and the husband was the one with the gambling problem, and also had drug and alcohol problems, ice and crystal meth first, but only with prescribed drugs for "back problems" now. My sister protected her daughter from this man during his problems, never bring them up in front of her. Now with custody, he tells her how crazy her mom is and she's suicidal, and she's a drug addict. Then, The husbands truck got stolen. My sister was actually in court on the day it happened. She had nothing to do with it, and thinks it could be him because he was behind on payments. She knew this because the finance company calls her because her name is first on the loan and title. He files charges against her for theft of the truck, and also files charges on her for assault and battery of a minor(their daughter), because she wanted to talk to her daughter and grabbed her arm. The charges are bogus, once again, but she has no money left to pay another lawyer or bail. She wants to do the right thing, but she fears this county court system. What can my sister do to gain back the trust of the court and stop her ex's harassment? She just wants her life back.

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