What does it mean to impeach a witness answers in court? 1 Answers as of July 01, 2011

I need to know what it means when a person answers questions on the witness stand and then they bring someone else in and they give a different answer from the first one. In other words the first person lied.

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Witnesses testify in Court as to how they perceive events and during trial it is not uncommon that you have testimony that varies as to what each person saw or heard. On some occasions it is merely that events are not remembered or perceived the same and the difference are not significant and may have no significant outcome on the case.However, there may be times that a person appears to have testified untruthfully as to a material fact that may have a significant bearing on the outcome of the case. The attorneys trying the case on either side will often attempt to discredit testimony that they believe to be false by calling witnesses to discredit this testimony.To intentionally lie in court is perjury, and is a most serious offense, and is one that the person committing perjury can be sanctioned or even indicted and incarcerated.
Answer Applies to: Alabama
Replied: 7/1/2011
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