What do we do if we are being harassed for false Animal cruelty? Posted on July 05, 2011

We have horses in what is considered to be "dry pasture" but they have full access to hay and are also grain fed. My neighbors have complained to the local police that the horses are neglected since they cannot "see" the hay. When the police came by we were issued a warning even though the hay and grain feed were obvious to the policeman. Is it legal for someone else to be able to tell you that you have to feed your horses to where they can see it from the road? They did this the first part of this year when good hay was scarce and we had our horses on alfalfa cubes and grain and we were made to get a roll of hay that was from last year's cut to satisfy them - the hay was bad and killed one of my horses and I am still nursing one of the others back to optimum weight. What can we do legally against the constant harassment? We are about ready to sell our home and move! Thanks so much for any information you can give me.

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