What do I do when a tenant moves out without notice? Posted on March 31, 2011

We rented an apartment to a young lady. She gave a deposit paid rent and moved in. We drew up a lease agreement. She never signed it but her mother did. One day about 8 months later she moves out without any notice, with nothing left in the apartment. We called her and she laughs and says she is breaking the lease but wants to continue to use the empty apartment for a while. She told us to go ahead and start to rent it. Since the apartment was empty and she gave no notice whatsoever about moving or breaking the agreement we took over possession of the empty apartment. We cleaned it, did some repairs and since its now empty and we changed the locks and took possession to try to re-rent it. She never signed the lease her Mom did on her behalf so we cannot make her pay the remaining rent if we do not re-rent the apartment. Is she entitled to any money back like her deposit since she just moved out? We had to track her down to find out what is going on. She said she will sue us for the rest of the months rent from the day she walked out and her deposit. Is she entitled to anything? Thank You.

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