What do I do to get my money back after my car was sold? 1 Answers as of July 06, 2015

My mother's friend helped me purchase my first car. He said he will help all of my mother's kids get a car. He did not put any money towards it though just scouted and did repairs that I paid for. A couple months later, my licensed brother totaled it. My mother's friend was smug about it but decided it wasn't my fault so he decided to helps get another. I gave him $600 dollars to get another which he did for under $600. Then he went to giving me prices of parts I needed plus he threw in his own little things. He acts like he didn't but I know he did like he did with the first car. Over a month or so, the $600 I gave him so far turned into $600 more I was supposed to give so I told him to stop working on it. I told him that I would pay him that when I get it. The next week I had the money and called, he said he did more work and needed more, but I got fired from my job and couldn't afford that. He talked to my mother and took the price back down so I went to take him the money again a couple weeks later but when I got there he jacked the price up again. This went on for months. So, he said he would give my $600 back when he sold the car. He sold the car and then said he wouldn't help get another one. He didn't give me my money. A couple months later, he drove to my house and passed my mother $300 and said he don't owe me anymore because "that's how business goes." I think he is wronging me?

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I would suggest going to small claims court.
Answer Applies to: Illinois
Replied: 7/6/2015
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