What do I do if my HOA dues were increased 4 years ago without my knowledge? Posted on April 25, 2011

I own a condominium that's part of a "Cohousing". All the 7 owners are part of the board and we have an extremely casual system to deal with our shared finances (mainly our Home Owners Dues). I have been an owner since 2003, I have been faithfully paying my HOA dues, but I was just informed a few months ago, that my dues were increased in 2006. My fellow owner who is the elected treasurer, failed to inform me of the increase and didn't notice that I had been continuing to pay the previous amount for the past 4 years. I am told that I owe $2080.00 to correct this mistake. One other owner is in the same position and owes $4k. Other owners knew their correct monthly dues but have been delinquent due to "financial hardship". Now, the seven of us have been meeting to decide how to fix this and balance our budget (which is missing $36k). I don't want to pay my missing $2k because I am convinced that this was not my fault, but the fault of our treasurer. Other owners (board members) are voting that we need to forget that there was a mistake and that we need to ALL pay our past dues (again, two of us owe because of negligence on someone else's part, and the remaining five owe because of negligence on their part). I'd like to make a legal case stating that I do not owe $2080.00 since I was never notified of the dues increase. Please help me.

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