What do I do if my ex is filing for sole custody with supervised visitations? Posted on May 14, 2011

My ex was recently remarried and a month ago, informed me she was moving over 6 hours away with my son. A year ago I moved in with my girlfriend because she has 5 children. She has 3 that she adopted from CPS and 2 biological. Her ex had been abusive and felt like she needed protection for her and the kids. We are not married but in a fully committed relationship and are raising the 5 kids together. 2 weeks ago, there was a report made to CPS that my girlfriend’s oldest son was accused of inappropriate touching of his sister. After forensic interviews, there were no outcries; CPS required forensic interviews of my girlfriends 4 kids minus the oldest adopted son and my 2 children and none came back with any reason to believe there were issues. Today I receive papers that my ex is taking me back to court, claiming my girlfriend and I were aware of her oldest son's actions (before they were adopted) and therefore I was putting my son in a "unsafe environment"; even though our home is equipped with motion sensors to alert if any of the children awake at night. She also made comment of my girlfriend’s oldest son touching my son on the bottom during wrestling. This is outlandish! I'm a wonderful father to not only my 2 kids but also the other 5 in my home. How can she do this and make these accusations just so she can move my son away and now try to get it to where the only time I see him is supervised? I was unable to find a job for over a year and am behind on child support payments but part of the reason I moved to Tyler and with my girlfriend is because she is a recruiter and helped me to get a job temporarily until I landed my full time job in August of 2010. With that being said, I have very little for legal representation. My son loves me and cries every time we bring him home. He's asked my girlfriend to hide him because he doesn't want to go home with his mother.

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