What do I do if my boss uses foul language and puts me on a pers informal probation? Posted on June 23, 2011

I was an acting supervisor for my job. I was then replaced with another supervisor, never given any reason except that there were things that need to be done that my replacement had to do. I was then back down to my original position weekend supervisor. I then sent an email to the VP of operations of the company instead of the project manager about a situation my replacement supervisor and me and was instructed to follow the chain of command and if it was not resolved contact her back. I then received a call from the project manager using foul language over the phone and stated that he need to meet with me and that I must follow the chain of command. I then met with him that say and recorded the conversation without consent. However it is clear in the audio this manager of this site uses foul language, tells me that the VP of the company thinks I'm a nut probably, tells me not to go over his head again or were going to have problems and puts me on a personal informal probation and when I asked what were the reasons he says its, because of my attitude and that I was mad because I did not get promoted to full time supervisor and am still the weekend supervisor. Then says that he was about to take the weekend supervisor from me and that at the end of the 2 weeks if I did not perform well he would put me on another shift as a regular officer. Which I told him that over the phone before I met with him he already said be prepared to go to day shift so I stated that after 2 weeks he has his mind already made up. I have never received a write up and he refuses to make the personal informal probation on paper and give me a list of reasons why I am being put on probation. When asked why couldn't I be promoted he stated that I am not ready and was never ready, but never had any supervisor training or test or interviewed anyone and just put someone in the place. I did email the VP of the company and stated that it was not resolved and that I feel as.

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