What do I do if I have been kept from my son? Posted on June 28, 2011

Well to begin, I was very young when I had a child in high school. I stayed around and tried to support them the best I could but a teenager with no education and barley a GED did not make much for a living. She and I were engaged and I joined the Army when my son was just over 2 years old. I went to boot camp and was sent all but 40 or 50 dollars of my pay to his mother and still believed we were going to get married. I finished boot went to AIT and 6 weeks into it found out she had gotten married to someone else and had been married for several months with out telling me. I then got stationed over seas and lived in Maine after getting out. After moving back to Texas she refused to let me have anything to do with my son at all. He is now 16 and by his choice wants to see me and it is a day I have waited for a very long time. Now his mother is threatening to come after me for 13 years back child support can she do that none of this was my choice or my sons what do I do she is only doing this because he wants to see me.

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