What do I do if a friend I was staying with is withholding my property for money? Posted on February 24, 2011

I have been staying with a friend of mine at her house in Pennsylvania. We had a verbal agreement I would pay her 200/month. She told me out of the blue she wanted more money before I left for a trip to Canada. She told me I could not come back on the date I was suppose to because I had acquired lice from a friends child and she wanted that cleared before I came back. So I did what she asked but now she said she wants me out of her house and is holding my property until she gets money she believes is owed to her. Furthermore she will not allow ANYONE to come pick up my things and I am NOT able to get back to the states for at least another month or so and she says I will have to continue to pay her rent money and when I do come back set up a time to come get my things. I have asked on a few occasions for her to forward my mail to my mothers but she said she will NOT do so until I pay her money that is NOT owed to her and rent she made it clear I have no place to stay. She is withholding my mail and my things and I want to know what my rights are. There was no lease signed and we had a verbal agreement. I have been staying with her from end of July 2010 until I went on my trip end of Dec 2010. Can someone please help me and give me some advice on what steps to take to get my things and not have to pay her money that is NOT owed to her?...Please help me as I said we had no lease and only a verbal agreement and now I am in another country and I feel like she is extorting me to get more money for my things and she will not allow ANYONE to pick my things up at her house for me and I do not have the money at this moment to fly back....Please help!!!

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