What do I do if, after staying in place without a contractual agreement but owing money to the renter, she locks me out? Posted on February 24, 2011

The girl I was staying with, without contractual lease agreement, was lenient with me on payment as I was shifting jobs and losing pay. Since I had other bills due which were more pertinent, we put her payment on the backburner. She emphasized that I should not worry about it via text at the time. The following week, without letting me know or contacting me, she changed the locks. Seeing how my personal property (clothes, shoes, other belongings) were inside, and I had residency via at least one item in the mail, I used the backdoor to enter when my key would not work in the front. The door was not latched, only the key at the top, which is easy to wiggle loose if you move the door back and forth. Upon entering what I still, at the time, considered to be my place of residence, I discovered that my belongings had been removed. She was out of town that weekend and did not respond to my inquiry of how I could get my stuff back. Upon return, she is now threatening legal action for breaking and entering and theft. What should I do from here?

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