What do I do after receiving a 24 hours eviction notice? 14 Answers as of July 02, 2013

I am seeking assistance on what to do when receiving a 24 hour eviction notice. We are the tenants.

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Law Office of Jared Altman
Law Office of Jared Altman | Jared Altman
There is no such thing in the law as a 24 hour notice. It may be something that is just required under your particular lease. I think that you should show it to a lawyer or wait for an eviction to be started.
Answer Applies to: New York
Replied: 1/13/2012
H. Scott Basham, Attorney at Law, P.C. | H. Scott Basham
A legal eviction in Georgia requires a court order. Even then, you have 7 days to vacate the property. I think perhaps your landlord is trying to pull a fast one on you.
Answer Applies to: Georgia
Replied: 1/13/2012
The Law Offices of Robert W. Bellamy
The Law Offices of Robert W. Bellamy | Robert W. Bellamy
In Alabama, a landlord may give notice of terminationfor any reason. Even if you are a model tenantquiet, paying your rent on time and keeping your apartment cleanyour landlord can refuse to renew your lease. He must give you one rental periods notice if you have an oral lease, or give notice according to the terms of the written lease if you have one. (The only exception is for non-payment of rent in which case eviction procedures may take place.)
Answer Applies to: Alabama
Replied: 1/12/2012
Law Offices of Frances Headley | Frances Headley
Under California law there is no such thing as a 24 hour eviction notice. You should consult a real estate attorney for assistance in resisting this attempted eviction.
Answer Applies to: California
Replied: 1/12/2012
Palumbo and Kosofsky
Palumbo and Kosofsky | Michael Palumbo
It depends. Have you paid your rent on time? Do you have a written lease? It sounds like you are being set up to be evicted so if I were you I'd start looking for a place to live.
Answer Applies to: New York
Replied: 7/2/2013
    Casler Law Offices PLLC
    Casler Law Offices PLLC | Carlton C. Casler
    You must take immediate action. If you haven't already, you soon will be served with court papers. First, talk to the landlord and find out why you are being evicted. If you dispute the reason, then appear in court on the scheduled date/time with witnesses and evidence to rebut the landlord's allegations. If you lose, the court will order you to be out in 12 to 24 hours. Again, take immediate action or you WILL (not may) be evicted.
    Answer Applies to: Arizona
    Replied: 1/12/2012
    Law Office of William L Spern | William Spern
    In Michigan, there is no such thing as a 24-hr eviction notice. A first notice is a minimum of 30-days.
    Answer Applies to: Michigan
    Replied: 1/12/2012
    W.R. Stewart & Associates | Ethan Miller
    It sounds like you have received notice from the Sheriff's office that the Sheriff is executing the Writ of Restitution. The Writ is the order from the Court to the Sheriff to physically remove the tenants from the premises. If this is where you are at in the process, then the landlord has already received a judgment of eviction against you. The Sheriff will physically remove all tenants and their belongings if the tenants do not vacate after 24 hours. I recommend that you contact a landlord-tenant lawyer to review the specific facts of your case.
    Answer Applies to: Wisconsin
    Replied: 1/12/2012
    Kelly A. Broadbent, Esq.
    Kelly A. Broadbent, Esq. | Kelly Broadbent
    You can leave, or wait until the landlord files a complaint for eviction with the housing court. To force you out, the landlord would have to go through the court.
    Answer Applies to: Massachusetts
    Replied: 1/12/2012
    Law Offices of Timothy G. Kearney, LLC
    Law Offices of Timothy G. Kearney, LLC | Timothy G. Kearney
    What State are you in. There is no such thing as a 24 hour eviction notice in Connecticut.
    Answer Applies to: Connecticut
    Replied: 1/12/2012
    AyerHoffman, LLP
    AyerHoffman, LLP | David C. Ayer
    In Massachusetts the minimum time frame for a notice to quit, barring a court order for eviction, is ten days. You should contact a landlord-tenant attorney immediately to determine your rights and your options. Filing a Motion to Stay Eviction might be an option to buy time.
    Answer Applies to: Massachusetts
    Replied: 1/12/2012
    Sultan Law Office | Gregory Sultan
    It dependes who the notice is from. If it is from the the County Sheriff, saying they will be out to remove you from the property, you already have an Order of Possession from the Court. I would suggest you be packed and ready to go, if possible to move now so that you don't face having your things put out on the street. If it is the beginning of an action against you from the landlord, you have time.
    Answer Applies to: Illinois
    Replied: 1/12/2012
    Park Law Offices LLC | Kevin Parks
    There are numerous possible reasons you may have received a 24 hour notice, so without the relevant facts and background it's impossible to adequately address. Your best course of action is to call an attorney immediately. Often, 24 hour notices include the right for the tenant to cure the issue.
    Answer Applies to: Oregon
    Replied: 1/12/2012
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