What degree level will I be charged at in Texas? Posted on January 17, 2011

I am securing execution of a doc by deception with 3 felony convictions...1 from 1986...2003 n 2004, I have now been charged with sec exe of a doc by deception; food stamp application. by answering "no" to having been convicted of drug offense after 1997, I have invited the state of Texas into my life ...once again! I am 44 with 12 year old son. There are mitigating factors involved! I simply needed the help with food, that bad! I didn’t ask for or receive assistance...other that Medicaid for my son. The charge has been enhanced to 3rd degree. What I am wanting to know is this, at what degree level would that charge start at? ie; 4th (state jail) degree,? And what do you think the enhancement was based on? prior convictions or by considering each time I "re-certified" (requalify) a case on its own then enhanced?

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