What could happen in a criminal impersonation case with no evidence? Posted on June 12, 2011

I cut someone off in the street on accident and got flipped off. I was then followed by them and happened to turn down their street where they live (I live near them) and they pulled into their driveway, got out and started waving their arms at me. I stopped and asked what the problem was, they said I need to learn how to drive and then a man came out acting like he had a gun so I drove away. Well, apparently they got my tag number down, called the police and said that I told them I was an off duty police officer when I stopped (which I did not do). So the police come by my house and issued me a citation with a court date for August 30, 2011 which is 78 days away (I was not arrested). They told me it was a class A misdemeanor and the charge was criminal impersonation. The only evidence the accusers have is their statements. They have no proof other than their word. So I am wondering what I should do. I don't have a criminal history, I have never been arrested for anything. The worst thing I have is a speeding ticket. They are taking me to court, and it's my word against theirs. It doesn't seem like I should have even been given the citation based on the severe lack of any evidence. This seems unfair, what should I do and what is most likely to happen?

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