What is a consumers rights in an auto repo? Posted on May 06, 2011

Our car was repossessed May 3 after 45 days behind even after keeping in contact with credit union and letting them know we would pay account fully up to date by May 7th. They sent a letter 48 hrs. after A "Notice of our plan to sell property" that lists the Credit union, description of car and states "You can get the property back at any time before we sell it by paying us the full amount you owe (not just the past due payments, including our expenses...To learn the exact amount you must pay, call us at..." Do we have a right in Ca. to "cure" our loan and be reinstated or are we at the mercy of the credit union reps discretion to reinstate (or not)? This is what I was told by them. The letter they sent does not state an itemized list of charges, or the place where our car is being kept. The loan rep told me before the letter came that they needed proof of ins., police release, proof of employment. We provided and they seem to be balking. We've paid nearly half our loan off and have money to catch up the car payments and fees. We told them we would need a document stating they are going to reinstate our loan before we pay anything. I don't trust them. Do we have any rights/recourse to get our car back? The letter they sent sound unprofessional and like a ransom note. "We Have your car" "we will sell your car and any overages we receive we may give you unless we give them to someone else..."

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