What constitutes false advertising? Posted on July 12, 2011

I recently bought 5 cans of regular similac baby formula from walmart. At my 2 month childs last check up her doctor switched her formula to sensitive due to a milk allergy. I returned back to walmart to exchange my 5 cans for the same brand of formula just lactose free and I wanted to pay the difference in cash. I was informed that i could not exchange the cans due to the WIC (women infant children) program. Apparently people get cans of milk and then bring them back to obtain gift cards and other items. I simply wanted to exchange for the same brand but different type. I was told i could not without a receipt. I told them I did not have my receipt and I was not informed of this policy and it was not mentioned to me at the time of my purchase nor is there a sign stating so. Is that false advertising?

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