What can we do regarding the landlord's 5 day notice? Posted on March 20, 2011

We are a restaurant based in Tampa,Fl. We have been behind on our rent for past few months.currently we are behind two months and the next rent check is going to be mailed on March25th.The landlord had sent a letter via certified mail asking us to pay rent or evict the premises in 5days.this had happened once earlier and we had to sell personal belongings to catch up then. At this point,we need to buy time for about 30-60 days as we are trying to get an investor join hands with us in the business, I did some research online and it says If the landlord hasn't done repairs on vital maintenance issues then we can withhold rent for a short time. We need help asap with advise how to respond and get some time to catch up on the rent.There has been water leaking through the ceiling for a while and in the kitchen it is dangerous as we have many electrical equipments open.Recently water came seeping through the floor as a result of rain in Jan & Feb,which contaminates the floor in the kitchen.Is there a way you can talk to them to give us more time on this basis

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