What can we do if we were accused of child endangerment for a genuine accident? Posted on June 25, 2011

About a month ago, we (my live-in boyfriend and I) put our child to bed with a fan in the window. We did this because it was actually pretty cool out and we thought it would be nice to get some of that cool night air in her room while she slept. About an hour later, we then went to sleep in our room. As the morning progressed, it got hot outside and because of it being so hot in her room, she woke up way before she usually does-and also before we woke up. She used the radiator(which is right under her window) and pushed the fan out the window and climbed out. The drop was around 3 feet off the ground. She was fine, but she was outside. Our neighbors saw her out there and called the police. Now we are being charged with child endangerment because we were not awake when she was and because she had gotten out of the window. Nothing like this has ever happened to us before, we have no issues with the law, and we are both very good parents. When this does go to court, do you think that given this information, that they will see it as an accident? Or child endangerment? I'm also 8 months pregnant with our second child, will they take him away if I'm found guilty?

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