What can we do if we are having problems with the non-custodial parent? Posted on June 21, 2011

My husband has an agreement with his ex-wife that he has custody of their two minor children. She has spring break and summer visitation and they split holidays. She does not pay child support but we claim them both on taxes. She moved 4 hours away so she is responsible for transportation. This is the first visitation she has had them for 14 months now and has not even had them a full month. Already she has denied me (their step mother) the ability to talk to them and has used it to get their medicaid numbers from me - just so I could speak to them on the phone! Also, she has taken the oldest to a therapist and has gotten them to say he has ADHD (We, unlike her or the therapist, have talked to their PCP here and their school and while he is more hyperactive than his sibling, he does NOT have ADHD) and she is attempting to put him on medication. The custody agreement was decided so that we could settle out of court and we never imagined these types of problems. My 5 year old step-son now claims he 'just wants to be normal'. What can we do to put a stop to this? Without child support and only my husband works, we take care of 3 children (we have a daughter of our own) and do not have the money to take her back to court. Please advise us on what our options are. Thank you!

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