What can we do if threatened by a local police officer? Posted on March 13, 2011

My family is being blackmailed by a local police officer. He stated that my fiance had to do whatever he asked or he will put her in jail for three years due to evidence he said he has but will not give details. He met with her in private, in his car with tinted windows, while hidden in a local parking lot near the police station but did not want to speak inside. We feel very mistreated and have no clue as to some things he is asking about but he simply said that if "If he gets in trouble he will put her in jail". I do not believe an officer of the law is supposed to operate in that manner. I sincerely need help, this is focused on my wife and she is scared of his threats. We have a five year old son and our life is finally coming together and he sees that as the best time to bend her to his will in my opinion. So please if there is any advice or some you could refer me to I would be most grateful.

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