What can we do if our landlord is showing a rental unit to potential buyers? Posted on May 28, 2011

So I have been renting for a year in a home with roommates, one of which is also the landlord/owner. He told me when I moved in to "ignore the for sale sign" because he wasn't actually planning to sell, but only seeing what offers he could get to try and get the house appraised at a higher price. I know nothing about selling a home, so I didn't realize at the time that this is not how appraisal works. Now, over the past year we have had several incidents where realtors have come in to the home unannounced, asking to look in my room and bathroom and show the house to potential buyers. When I confronted the landlord, he said they are supposed to call him so he can arrange a time where we are not home, for them to enter the house. Then he went ahead and told another realtor that it was okay to go anytime one weekend, and my roommates and I were unhappily surprised again by a random couple looking at the house. I heard from someone that if a person is renting a house and also showing it to buyers, that there has to be notice given (at least 24 hours) and the rent has to be reduced. Is this true? And where can I find evidence of this law to give to my Landlord? Also, there was never a written lease or rental agreement drawn up.

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