What can she do to prove that she did not commit those crimes? 1 Answers as of February 06, 2011

My best friend had this boyfriend who beat her. She finally left him. When we went to get the rest of her things, a huge scene was caused and the only thing we were able to leave with was the dog. He then called her mom and left a death threat so we went straight to the police department and filed a restraining order against him. After he was served the restraining order, he filed charges against her stating that she never lived there and she stole the dog. She has a Class 5 felony for Grand Larceny, a Class 3 felony for a B&E charge, a class 1 misdemeanor for damage to property, and a class 1 misdemeanor for assault and battery. She didn't do any of this. I know because I was with her. He told the police that she beat him and that she kicked his door in. The door was kicked out when he kicked it to get to us because we had the dog and his wounds were received when he began punching the windows of our vehicle. We also have the proof that she was a resident there and that the dog is hers. When this goes to court, will she be able to report him for perjury or will he get off scott free for lying to the police and getting her arrested wrongfully?

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"She" would be well advised to arrange to hire a competent criminal defense counsel to represent her on these serious (bogus though they may be)charges (if she hasn't already done so).
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Replied: 2/6/2011
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