What can my wife do about physical and verbal abuse at work? Posted on August 10, 2011

My wife is a property manager for a family owned construction company.She has held this position for thirteen years. Approximately three years ago the company President brought his son in as CFO and since that time a campaign of intimidation and innuendo has been waged against my wife by this young gentleman. The weekly property management meeting is referred to by other staff and even the company chairman as the"beat-up {wifes nmae}" meeting. Accusations of incompetence and improper business relationships with clients have been persistently made. The company President and the company founder have made sporadic attempts to support and reassure my wife of their trust and confidence but nothing is carried through and the situation is allowed to continue. On one occasion he lunged over the desk at my wife and shouted "don't make me angry enough to hit you". She lodged a complaint at that time and the HR manager suggested anger management courses for the young man. These were not implemented, the HR manager was fired and the young man was made HR manager. My wife is a fairly robust character but she is 62 years old and this gentleman stands over her and screams abuse while waving his finger in her face and pens her in a corner of her office whilst doing so. He has encouraged other staff members to report on her activities and ransack her desk on days when she is not in the office. She has overheard him tell other staff members that he wishes her to leave the company. The harassment is constant and is now beginning to affect my wifes health and peace of mind. She is afraid to take vacation or sick leave for fear of what this man might attempt to do if she is not in the office. I should point out that there are no negative entries in her personal file and that the company President has previously talked her out of resigning as he regards her as an exemplary employee.

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