What can my son do if the new owner of his car does not pay the insurance? Posted on August 17, 2011

My son was sent a letter of Intent to Offset from Maryland regarding an alleged debt. (I am handling this current affair as the whole affair has stressed him out and made him sick) owed from almost 10 yrs ago. He is currently living in SC for the last 9 yrs. The MDB&M stated Auto Insurance was not paid for many months and the amount was (approx) $4.500.00. My Son was able to prove that he did not owe the majority of the money as he had sold the car and could substantiate the dates through his Insurance. However, there is a remaining balance $250.00 which he is not able to prove he doesn't owe as he sold the car to a man in Florida & no longer has the receipt for the sale. Apparently, Florida law allows a person up to 30 days to register a vehicle, therefore if the buyer took up to, or the full 30 days, would that make my Son responsible for the debt? 1) Can he access information from anywhere regarding the registration of this car and if so, where & how? 2) Isn't the burden of proof on MDB&M to prove he does owe money? 3) The deadline for this is tomorrow but if it is in dispute, does he have an extended time period so the clock stops ticking so to speak. 4) Please refer to last statement, above. I have sent a letter to MDB&M and have not heard back as of today. Prior to calling them, I would appreciate any help regarding his rights and what the next step would be. Many thanks.

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