What can my son do if he cannot afford to pay child support? Posted on February 05, 2011

My son has been unemployed since February 2010. He works odd jobs when he can to help pay child support. What do you do when you cannot pay? His ex. took him to court 4 months ago. He paid15% of total due. He had some of it and I paid some. He's had NO work for 3 months. So he couldn't pay. Three weeks ago he got a side job and has some money to pay child support. But she's taking him back to court next wk. They said this time he has to pay 25% plus he'll have to miss a day of work if not more and get a court appointed attorney. Is there any way to handle this better? I'm sure it's very common these days with so many being out of work. (PS for the past 5 years he has always paid child support on time plus he has his daughter every Wednesday and every other weekend). It's been a very tough year for him and for me. I've tried to pay his car insurance and also help pay with my grandaughters clothes, school lunches, etc. I am running low on funds and it's not looking very bright for jobs in our area. I certainly look forward to hearing your advice.

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