What can my sick father do with no will or power of attorney? Posted on March 29, 2011

My father is 84. His dementia has been getting more severe the last several months. He has had emphysema for years. He recently got pneumonia and was hospitalized. He was released to a convalescent hospital where they put him on hospice care. I am his son. I have been living with him and taking care of him since my mother (his wife) died two years ago. His house is paid off. He has about $90,000 in a bank account in his name only. I am his sole heir, divorced with one grown son. He has no will that I know of. I do not have a POA of any type. What can I expect if he does not recover? Will the house and bank account go into Probate? Is there anything I should do now, before he dies to protect his estate? He can speak and reason most of the time, but I doubt he can write. Is it too late to do a will? Is too late to do a POA? What are my/his options?

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