What can my friend do if their ex-husband is using the department of social services to harass her? Posted on July 30, 2011

My friend has been divorced from her ex-husband for over a year and they have one child. My friend has full custody of the child and the father is allowed to see the child over the weekends. Recently my friend took child support out on the ex-husband. The ex is extremely angry and has been resorting to all sorts of things to try and get my friend to drop the child-support. One of the things he has been doing has been calling the Department of Social Services and falsely accusing my friend of being on drugs or making the child live in poor conditions. Each time he has done this, DSS has opened a case on my friend and investigated. Each time, the accusations have been proven false. However, DSS still continues to investigate every time the ex-husband has called in. Many times he will call in on a private phone that cannot be traced back to him, but it is obvious that it is him. What can my friend do to stop this type of harassment?

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