What can my daughter do if her apartment needs repairs? Posted on August 02, 2011

My daughter and her boyfriend moved into place 5/18/11. Nothing but a headache since. Recieved a FIRST AND FINAL NOTICE within 2 weeks for trash in breezeway(not theirs nor have I ever seen any). Air conditioner did not work properly til 7/23/11 when they brought newborn home to find water dripping from unit onto floor just inside front door. Rent notice includes water which is metered but no copy of the bill is included. They have asked and been told it is handled by a third party and management never sees the bill. The rent bill should be in their mailbox before the 1st of the month when it is due, but this month 8/11, my daughter had to go to the office to get the bill on 8/1/11. The lady wrote a figure on a post-it, 939.42. We called and asked for the itemized bill and went to get it only to find they had added a $50( now 990.42) charge for the electric not having been transfered to her name which she had been told on the phone less than 2 hours earlier would not be there since it was a problem with the electric co. and she had proof. The deposit was made on 5/18/11 and on 6/22/11 I personally took her to the APS office and was assured that the problem was taken care of. Management then held the second bill, dated 6/28/11 for 3 weeks before giving it to her. This is included in current rent and unless paid now eviction will begin. They are desperate for an answer! What can they do to resolve this? They love the apartment but hate the headaches.

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