What can I legally do if my neighbor is harassing me? Posted on April 08, 2011

The police have been called numerous times however they will not do anything to help me against my neighbor because I have not witnessed him actually on my property. I was recently acquitted on a UUW case where the neighbor falsely accused me of threatening him with a firearm. Since then, the harassment has escalated, with my tires being slashed, my mailbox was knocked over, this person is calling a party line giving my phone number out. I need help, the police appear to be biased. When he calls and makes false accusations, they knock on my door arrest me or threaten to arrest me, but when I call they they will not make any efforts to even question the man because I may not have witnessed him doing anything when its obvious he's doing this or has something to do with my stuff being vandalized. What can I do legally because the police will not help.

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