What Can I Expect If I am a First Time Offender who Received a Petit Larceny Violation? Posted on June 21, 2011

On June 20th 2011 I was charged with petit larceny. In a moment of complete stupidity I took $48.00 worth of miscellaneous items out of a Wal-Mart store thinking I was "helping" my family. I bought a few items but being unable to afford the rest I placed them in my purse and I was stopped at the door. I willingly followed the security to the back room and returned the items so Wal-Mart has decided not to charge me for the items taken. However, they did have to call the incident in. I received a ticket and order to appear before a judge on August 2nd. A fine was placed on the ticket for $1137.00. Being that I have never been arrested or received any type of citation prior to this event I am extremely nervous and very confused. I am 19 years old so I am not to sure what to expect. I am assuming it is best to seek a lawyer. I understand I do not qualify for a Public Defender because it is a misdemeanor. So I want to seek outside help. My questions are: Is the fine of $1137.00 in addition to any fines I may receive in court? Is hiring a lawyer a good idea? Is there any way to have this removed from my record (like a class or community service). Is jail a possibility for a situation like this?

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