What can I do with property left behind by a previous tenant? Posted on March 16, 2011

I just recently moved into a duplex that is a rental property. The previous tenant moved out about a week and a half ago. To my understanding she still owes the landlord a debt for past due rent. That was the reason for her vacating the property. Utilities have been placed in my name at my new home and she has already submitted a change of address form. In my back yard is a shed type building that is part of my property and belongs to me as I am renting, but the building is full of the previous tenant’s belongings and has a lock on the door. I was told the previous tenant was removing her belongings a few days after she left, a week before I started moving in. She has still not come to get her things out of the building on my property. She has made herself unreachable by not giving the landlord a forwarding address and not returning phone calls. What can we do? Do I have any rights in this situation? I want her things gone without strangers trespassing on my property. I have the safety of a 4 year old child and my possessions to look out for. The landlord is an individual owner that provides a small, simple month to month contract instead of the usual type lease agreement.

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