What can I do with my QDRO problem? Posted on April 16, 2011

Divorced 11 years ago . Qdro was NOT included in divorce papers, because these papers included special sort of division of 401 and retirement benefits . Six years later ex took me to the court for "second divorce", won almost everything, and all special divisions were cancelled. I had 4 lawyers in this second case . Last lawyer, promised to do regular QDRO for me for no charge, and it was 2 years ago. Lawyer is not doing anything, does not answers my emails, I do not know place of work of my ex. I live abroad, divorce was in New Mexico. Regarding to divorce papers, and even the part which was not changed, I should get my part of 401 almost 4 years ago . My question is : Can lawyer who is not based in the State of New Mexico , process QDRO for person divorced in this state ? Second, If yes, and I would hire a lawyer and give to him all my permissions by email, will be "my" lawyer obligated to provide all information to new person in charge ? Third, if two answers are yes, is this good idea to hire someone over Internet , and how to do it ? If answers/answer is no , WHAT TO DO ??? I am sick, need money desperately, amount which I guess I should get, half of money accumulated before divorce (marriage almost 30 years long), should be about 30k . Please do not advise to talk to "my" lawyer, he is NOT working for my sake.

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