What can I do when he wants a divorce after being separated with no attempts at reconcilliation? Posted on June 15, 2011

My husband and I have been separated since April 5, 2011. He has made no attempts at reconciliation, nor has he given me a valid reason for the separation, other than he thinks I snooped through his cell phone and I "keep saying things to make him mad". I started going to marriage counseling alone with my preacher and I've been going since about 2 weeks after the separation. I have a suspicion that he is or was seeing someone, because of some information I found, but I cannot prove it. He wants an uncontested divorce, but I don't know what my rights are. We have 2 children, one will be 9 in 2 weeks and the other will be 18 in November. He recently sold a vehicle and made a profit off of it, and I did some research and found that if he sells anything acquired through marriage, then the profits must be divided equitably. He disagreed with this....until he spoke to an attorney and they advised him this is true. He has stopped paying the phone bill, satellite bill and internet bill. He took over payments on a loan that is in our joint name for his bike, he transferred the insurance for the bike and his new vehicle he purchased when he sold his other vehicle out of our payment plan with our insurance company and he transferred billing responsibility for his cell phone and his mother's cell phone out of my name into his name. He has told me that I will be responsible for the loan payments of the vehicle I'm driving and the insurance on my vehicle and my daughter's vehicle. I want this to be uncontested, but I also don't want to be "shafted" because I don't know what my rights are and what I am entitled to or not entitled to. I need to speak with someone about this.

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