What can I do to solve a problem regarding a wireless service contract? Posted on January 31, 2011

This is debt resulting from an unresolved billing dispute between myself and Neat Wireless. At no time did I ever provide my signature to any paperwork of any kind. The only papers with my name ever written on them was a small post-It note with my correctly spelled name and address. All of the service plan information was entered into the computer at the store and was activated when I left. This was in May of 2005, I did not receive my first billing statement until mid July. What I opened was depressing. I was charged double for the first month and double again for the second month along with late charges and reconnect fees with the bill due upon receipt. I promptly contacted the billing department to dispute the bill. I was informed that since my account was a month behind it had already been sent to the collection department and would not get out until paid in full. When I explained the situation with the incorrect charges I was again told that nothing could be done until the entire bill was paid current. I offered to pay the correct amount that day over the phone but was told that if the total amount due was not paid by the end of business the next day there would be an 800 early termination fee added for canceling the contract I never signed. All I wanted was a cell phone for myself and my wife, I wanted to keep the account current but I could not pay the amount required to do so having 4 kids. If the amount shown to me in the store had been honored and the first statement had been on time none of this would have happened. I want a new phone and I want to fix the damage to my credit because of this poor example of customer service. What can I do to solve this problem and how can I prevent it from repeating itself again?

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