What can I do to prevent online slander of our business? Posted on July 21, 2011

Our site is tnnursery.net. A customer called yesterday and said she was scared to order from us because she typed in our nursery (tn nursery) on google and daves garden's watchdog is a site that allows dissatisfied customer's place bad feedback about good reliable nurseries. And surprisingly enough weve got some good but theyve put it as "neutral" because it came from another company. So this makes the good look half bad. The majority of these customer's were taken care of through the BBB us proving they didn’t comply to our policy in which they had to agree to prior to placing an order but Dave's Garden will not remove the settled negative comments. On our site it shows we are highly accredited with our BBB,D&B and CCR.This site is hurting our business and with over 4000 customers, the ones we simply can’t come to terms with will stop at nothing to ruin a good longstanding company. So to some things up, I’ve called daves Garden and they will not do anything. I’ve submitted a form to google to take them from the search and they denied it.But I surely have noticed another nursery had this same problem and they are decent folks too and they were on there and now they are gone. So I know theres a way to get this off but I need to know how. And no I’m not going to call a competitor and ask how he got them to remove his site from this "scoop on their nursery".

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